Digital Design

DIGITAL DESIGN Professional Diploma Program

Evening Program

One Year Duration


Learn to apply your artistic vision to the widest spectrum of digital experience, from gaming to television & film to the internet. Your focus will be on production and collaborating with industry leaders - mirroring the real world of design - as you develop a professional portfolio showcasing your ability to keep pace with industry trends and anticipate new directions.

The following is an in-depth breakdown of the Digital Design program by term and courses studied. For a sense of what a typical week in the life of a Digital Design student is like, please also visit

You will learn

  • Concept Art
  • References
  • Model characters
  • Digital Sculpting
  • Digital Painting
  • Texturing photo manipulation
  • Light characters and environments
  • Troubleshoot problem situations
  • Render and composite high-quality footage
  • Present progress regularly to a panel of mentors


A one year track of courses designed to help students develop their portfolio for careers in Multimedia, Broadcast, Film, Architecture and Game Industries. This program includes a professionally-designed curriculum to fully prepare you for a career in the industry. We start with teaching you the foundational principle and finish by helping you assemble apolished portfolio and demo reel

Program Term Overview

Weeks 1-8

Term 1

Subjects Covered

  • User Experience
  • 2D Graphics 1
  • Storyboarding Pre-visualization
  • Communication Design 1
  • Information Architecture 1
  • Interactive Design 1

Weeks 9-16

Term 2

Subjects Covered

  • Typography
  • 2D Graphics 2
  • Communication Design 2
  • Interactive Design 2
  • Interface Development 1

Weeks 17-24

Term 3

Subjects Covered

  • Creative Methodologies 1
  • Communication Design 3
  • Branding 1
  • Interactive Design 3
  • Interface Development 2
  • 3D Graphics 1

Weeks 25-32

Term 4

Subjects Covered

  • Creative Methodologies 2
  • 2D Graphics 3 (elective)
  • Branding 2 (elective)
  • Information Architecture 2 (elective)
  • Interface Development 3 (elective)
  • 3D Graphics 2 (elective)

Weeks 33-40

Term 5

Subjects Covered

  • Experimental 2D Graphics (elective)
  • Packaging (elective)
  • Advanced Interactive Design (elective)
  • Interface Development 4 (elective)
  • Advanced 3D Graphics (elective)

Final Project Development

Weeks 41-48

Term 6

Subjects Covered

  • Theoretical Approaches (elective)
  • Mobile Publishing Design (elective)
  • Rewarding Experiences (elective)
  • Interface Development 5 (elective)
  • Broadcast Media Design (elective)
  • Portfolio Development

Some Important Notes for Students

  • Be punctual and attentive in the class
  • Don't feel shy to ask questions because it is also help others to understand better
  • Always welcome to participate voluntarily in the class assignments<
  • Be come with fully equipped with tools, materials and mind
  • Think, it's career oriented profession so be professional