Game Art and Design

GAME ART & DESIGN Professional Diploma Program

Evening Program

One Year Duration


The multi-billion dollar video game industry is continually advancing as developers compete to come out with the latest and greatest in graphics, performance, creativity and more. This means that the industry is constantly looking for fresh talent armed with the most advanced training and skills so they can create the next games that will captivate audiences – and generate revenues.

Game Art & Design program is designed to provide students with every challenge, course and assistance that will help them prepare for a career in the exciting game design programming industry. This course is a complete overview of game development. It was made with beginning programmers in mind and focuses on fundamentals and low skill set solutions.

Students will find that classes and instructors are there to help them sharpen and strengthen their core art and design skills, as well as provide them with the advanced game design programming skills that will be needed upon graduation.

You will learn:

  • Concept Art
  • Game Design
  • Color & Theory
  • Create Characters
  • Composition
  • Storyboarding
  • Texturing photo manipulation
  • Light characters and environments
  • Troubleshoot problem situations
  • Render and composite high-quality footage
  • Present progress regularly to a panel of mentors
  • Professional Demo Reel and Portfolio
  • Job Search Strategies & Industry Contacts
  • Think & react as part of Production Team

Curriculum GAME ART & DESIGN

We begin the course by teaching the fundamentals of traditional and digital art forms. Within traditional art; life drawing, anatomy, perspective, color theory and composition are the roots of observational skills. These core skills are taught and apply to all forms of art. Simultaneously, we teach the core fundamentals of current digital art programs such as Maya, Mud Box, TopoGun and Photoshop. This combination of balanced instruction in both the traditional and digital art forms lays the foundation for each student's success as a well-rounded digital artist.

Program & Term Overview

Weeks 1-8

Term 1

Subjects Covered

  • Art Foundation
  • Introduction to MUDBOX
  • Game Analysis
  • Photoshop 1
  • Drawing 1
  • Sculpture 1
  • Unity 3D 1

Weeks 8-24

Term 2

Subjects Covered

  • Character Modeling 1
  • Environment Modeling 1
  • Hard Surface Modeling 1
  • Concept Development
  • Digital Concept Art 1
  • Mud box 1
  • Figure Drawing 2
  • Sculpture 2
  • Photoshop 2
  • Unity 3D 2

Weeks 24-40

Term 3

Subjects Covered

  • Advanced Maya – Rigging, skinning
  • Mental ray , Turtle (texture baking)
  • Production Management
  • Art Direction 1
  • Shading for Games 1
  • Hard Surface Modeling 2
  • Character Modeling 2
  • Environment Modeling 2
  • Digital Concept Art 2
  • Mud box 2
  • Unity 3D 3

Weeks 40-48

Term 4

Subjects Covered

  • Game Art Weeklies
  • Post-Production Support
  • Art Direction 2
  • Character Modeling 3
  • Environment Modeling 3
  • Hard Surface Modeling 3
  • Shading for Games 2

Final Project Development

Some Important Notes for Students

  • Be punctual and attentive in the class
  • Don't feel shy to ask questions because it is also help others to understand better
  • Always welcome to participate voluntarily in the class assignments<
  • Be come with fully equipped with tools, materials and mind
  • Think, it's career oriented profession so be professional