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Now Lahore School of Animation is going to adopt a modern technique of education, we are proud to start facilities of e-School, Study from Home and get the same contemporary education and experienced and qualified instructor as our on school, you'll learn the skills you need to become a professional animator, meet new friends around the world and embrace a creative inspiration that's simply life-changing.

LSA e-School lectures are delivered through the use of industry standard equipment (DVDs and the use of Internet), software and professional and proficient skills required by industry. The production facilities include the latest and most up-to-date digital technologies, featuring editing studio and computer lab, also available are Professional Quality Video cameras and allied equipment.

Key Features

  • Instructive video lectures
  • Animation tools
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • E Critiques
  • High description video lectures with super voice quality and clarity
  • Industry approved curriculum, intense curriculum with a full complement of services and support like those you'd expect to find at a brick-and-mortar school
  • Watch the lecture any time, as many times as you need per term, to help build upon your animation skills.
  • Access a rich library of reference materials and videos.
  • Thriving and global community of staff, students, alumni, mentors, instructors and industry professionals
  • Weekly homework
  • Monthly Assessment
  • Weekly online conversation with instructor for Q & A session
  • Weekly online interaction with Creative Art & Program Director for your guidance
  • Direct Instruction
  • No Traveling
  • Save Money and time


For registration at LSA e-School please contact an admissions representative to ensure that your selected program is appropriate for you or not and further relevant admission criteria. To set up an appointment please contact us either via phone at 0321-4700576, 0321-4096507, 042-35911655 or email at

OR you can visit us directly for all admission procedure

OR you can fill up online form (available on this section)

International students should contact us via e-mail for specific application information.

Criteria to Qualify

Criteria to qualify is very simple, you don't need a background in art or animation to apply (though it helps). And you don't need to relocate. You do need to be:

  • 18+ years old
  • A high school grad or equivalent
  • Able to understand English
  • Hooked up with a computer, Internet, and webcam
  • A simple interview with our Program coordinator
  • Committed to becoming a professional animator


Please see academic calendar or contact us directly. New classes begin every season, so you can get started right away! Class size is limited — be sure to apply early!


Please contact with Admin office for complete detail of charges.


What would you like to register for?

Please check our Programs Quick Review and select your required program

Get started:

SIGNED Admission Form:

Get Admission Form, fill this form and attach all required stuff and payment slip (Please carefully read, review, sign) and return back to us by or before the due date.


Please include the following materials with Admission form:

Applicants are accepted based on our evaluation of these materials, and we will demonstrate your potential for the program

PORTFOLIO-IF: Please submit some examples of your artwork in any medium like photocopies, prints, CD, DVD, web site.

Photocopies of Education Certificates

Photocopies of Work Experience Certificates (If Any)

A letter describing your interest in media arts, and why you are applying and your career goals

Photocopy of your ID Card

3 recent passport size Photographs

. Rs. 500 Application Fee

Confirmation of Enrollment:

Upon receipt of your signed admission form, required material and payment slip confirmation of enrollment will be mailed you, Admin will provide you enrollment card or registration card to ensure you that now you are part of our e-School and you can get your schedule of classes and further detail.


e-School Programs are divided on term basis and you have to pay your term fee in advance, Payments can be made by the following methods:

Cheque or Money Order:Please make checks or money orders payable to Lahore School of Animation send via TCS to:

Attn: Mr. Shahzad Rao

Lahore School of Animation

11 Ata Turk Block Garden Town

Lahore – 0321-4700576, 042-35911655


All the courses are divided into two main parts;

1) Visual Development

2) Technical Development

1) Visual Development

Visual development is an essential part of all the courses. It will enable you to "see" and "think" visually. It will train your aesthetics and enhance your visual understanding artistically. You will learn concept development, visual problem solving, validity of ideas and their execution.

2) Technical Development

In technical development, you will learn how to transform your ideas to a virtual reality. You will be introduced to the software that you need transform your ideas. You will learn if your ideas are technically possible or not. You will learn to work in real time environment working individually and as a team as well.

Final Project:

At the end of each program you will have to do a final project. It will be an individual live project and you will have the assistance of concerned teacher/advisor. The project will b analyzed by our advisory committee of professional from the relevant fields.

Schedule of Course:

Each course will be consist on term basis

5 lectures in a week and at the end of week one day will be for conversation with instructor

Weekly lectures are delivered via streaming video and are available at your convenience

We will provide you 1 week study material after completion of week assigned you a project and analyze your learning level and next week other material will gives you

Total Four assignments will be given to you in a month

Industry approved curriculum

Industry professional instructor

High description video lectures with super voice quality and clarity

Weekly homework and final projects assigned in each class

Monthly Assessment

Weekly online conversation with instructor for inquiring your problems & queries

Weekly online interaction with Creative Art & Program Director for your guidance

Work on Your Assignment

Practice the core principles of animation.

Learn the skills that animation studios are looking for in a professional animator.

Advance your demo reel with each project.

Take your own personal experiences and real-life observations and apply them artistically to your animations

Concentrate on pushing yourself and building your skills.

Live Q&A with Instructor

Reserve at least one hour for these packed sessions.

Stay in touch with your classmates through video and instant message.

Post your animations for everyone to see and add a comment.

Attend optional Live Q & As in other areas and looking over the shoulder of animators as they guide you live through important concepts and workflow techniques.

Receive Live Evaluation

Get ready for one-on-one professional attention

Our mentors are industry leaders at top game, visual effects and feature film production studios. They'll provide honest and straight-forward feedback — just like they get in a professional studio environment.

Each week, you'll receive a one-on-one e-evaluation of your homework with live video. Your mentor will show you what is working well. If something is not quite right, your mentor will act out a possible solution and draw directly on top of your animation to illustrate fundamental key points.

Enjoy Extra Help - Get help any time of day

Talk to our Student Care professionals for life coaching support to help you complete each term successfully and build your confidence.

Our senior students provide feedback, extra support and encouragement to fellow students.

Access Lecture DVD:

Finally, you can obtain complete course on DVDs, each DVD carries one complete term and frees you from the time constraints.

Manage Your Time:

Try to list down your daily activities along with approximate time required for each activity. This will help you in effectively managing your time

How to Take Lectures

Make & read the handouts prior to taking the video lecture

Watch the video lecture and prepare your own notes

Read the relevant page/section of the handout again

Make lecture related questions list

How to Do Assignments

Manage your study time well by using a planner or diary to pace your activities appropriately. Start your course assignments early. Do not wait until the last moment. You will need time to gather relevant information, discuss and interact with your course mates and look for additional resources to complete the assignments.

The first thing before doing the assignment is to understand the assignment completely. If anything in the assignment is unclear, you may ask your peers and tutors.

Deadlines for submission must be strictly. Late assignments are not accepted since the School already makes an allowance for infrastructure problems such as power loss etc.

Use of email

For your queries you can use email when it is really required.

A Week At-a-Glance