Modeling Majore

DIGITAL PRODUCTION Majors/Specializations

Major: Modeling

6 Months Duration


After learning foundational art and computer animation skills and exploring a variety of 3D disciplines, you may elect to specialize in Modeling. Models are the foundation of all 3D media. Every medium, whether its imagery is computer-generated or live action, requires 3D models. Specializing in Modeling will prepare you to build these assets in an efficient and detail-oriented method. The end result is high-quality models ready to meet the needs of any production.

You will:

  • Sculpt in traditional media
  • Gather necessary reference and data to model objects
  • Design project elements
  • Build efficient 3D geometry
  • Model props and environments
  • Model characters with proper anatomy
  • Rig characters for animation
  • Create realistic surface shaders and textures
  • Light characters and environments
  • Render and composite images
  • Troubleshoot problem situations
  • Optimize work for different media, such as film and games
  • Present work for feedback


In the Modeling stream, you will study disciplines including Sculpting, Design, Modeling, Surfacing, and Lighting. With the goal of being as skilled and prepared for the marketplace as possible, you will create a demo reel with production-ready models. The work will cover the spectrum from environments and props to full, working, character animation models. These assets will be presented in a cinematic, professional-quality demo reel that showcases your work.

Students specializing in modeling often go on to work as character, prop, and environment modelers in the video game, commercial, film, and TV industries. For more about career paths, check out the page.

Program & Term Overview

Weeks 1-4

Term 1

Subjects Covered

  • Concept Development
  • Design 1
  • Drawing 1
  • Modeling
  • Modeling 1
  • Surfacing 1
  • Lighting 1
  • Modeling with MudBox
  • Digital Texture Painting

Weeks 4-8

Term 2

Subjects Covered

Concept Development

  • Design 2
  • Life Drawing


  • Modeling 2
  • Surfacing 2
  • Modeling with Mud Box
  • Lighting 2
  • Digital Texture Painting

Weeks 8-12

Term 3

Subjects Covered

Concept Development

  • Design 3
  • Concept Development


  • Modeling 3
  • Modeling with Mud Box
  • Surfacing 3
  • Lighting 3
  • Sculpture

Weeks 12-16

Term 4

Subjects Covered


  • Advanced Modeling 1
  • Advanced Sculpture 1
  • Modeling with Mud Box
  • Lighting 4
  • Rigging Workshop

Weeks 16-20

Term 5

Subjects Covered


  • Advanced Modeling 2
  • Advanced Sculpture 2
  • Modeling with Mud Box
  • Lighting 5

Weeks 20-24

Term 6

Subjects Covered

  • Final Project Development
  • Final Project Presentations
  • Final Development Lab
  • Career Prep
  • Final Picture Edit


Some Important Notes for Students

  • Be punctual and attentive in the class
  • Don't feel shy to ask questions because it is also help others to understand better
  • Always welcome to participate voluntarily in the class assignments<
  • Be come with fully equipped with tools, materials and mind
  • Think, it's career oriented profession so be professional