Mutimedia Arts

MULTIMEDIA ARTS Professional Diploma Program

Evening Program

One Year Duration


A one year track of courses, this program offers a high range ofMultimedia Trainingslike Graphics, Web design, 3D. The trainers are well qualified with the advanced skill sets & years of experience in the IT industry according to the latest trends.
Multimedia Trainingprovides hands-on knowledge to create and handle images, to design interactive websites and to create multimedia presentations. In Industry multimedia has expanded its potential growth opportunities in gaming and in interactive communication industries.

You will learn:

  • Concept Development
  • Create & Handle Images
  • Design Development
  • Composition
  • Visual Communication
  • Color Concept
  • Brand Invention
  • Technical Development
  • Texturing photo manipulation
  • Light environments
  • Troubleshoot problem situations
  • Render and composite high-quality footage
  • Present progress regularly to a panel of mentors
  • Professional Demo Reel and Portfolio
  • Job Search Strategies & Industry Contacts
  • Think & react as part of Production Team


The Graphic Design curriculum takes you on a path through art and design courses that build foundation skills,your program wraps up with a close look at the business of being a designer and creating an effective portfolio to showcase your work. A graphic designer is a visual communicator who translates ideas into images. Good graphic design is what makes brand inviting, information accessible, a message coherent.

The Web Design curriculum takes you on a path through art, design & technical courses that build foundation skills; a good Web designer is able to balance the business goals of companies and clients with the diverse needs of Web users. Succeeding in the field requires strong project management, technical, and communication skills, as well as artistic vision and an intuitive grasp of the medium. By taking this course, you can learn the techniques necessary for this rapidly changing industry.

The curriculum starts off by building foundational visual design and software skills and builds your writing and liberal arts skills. You will finish the program with an exploration of the design business world and the creation and critique of your professional portfolio.

This course consists on three Terms:

  • 1- Graphic Design
  • 2- Interactive Media Web Design
  • 3- Product Visualization (3D)

Program & Term Overview

Weeks 1-16

Term 1

Subjects Covered

  • Principal of Design
  • Concept Development
  • Advertising
  • Digital Typography
  • Printing Technology
  • Packaging Design
  • Design Process, Layouts
  • Visual Studies
  • Customized Promotion Graphic
  • Color theory
  • Typography I
  • Photoshop I
  • Design and composition
  • Logo design I
  • Illustrator I
  • Computer technology

Weeks 16-32

Term 2

Subjects Covered

  • Principal of Design
  • Concept Development
  • Web Design and Layouts
  • Color theory
  • Typography I
  • Photoshop II
  • Design and composition
  • Computer technology
  • WEB html and CSS I
  • Slicing coding
  • Java scripting
  • Flash script (basic)
  • Professional dynamic Website

Weeks 32-48 & & & Product Visualization 3D

Term 3

Subjects Covered

  • Design and Composition
  • Product Modeling
  • Types of Modeling
  • Line + Helping Modifier
  • Poly Modeling
  • Method of poly modeling
  • Understanding Hard Surface
  • Lighting
  • Shading
  • Understanding UV Mapping
  • UV Layouts
  • Texture Tech
  • What is Light? (In 3D)
  • Light Setups
  • Various types of Light
  • Shadows, Reflections, Refractions
  • Gi - Finel Geather
  • Usage of Third Party Renders

Final Project

Some Important Notes for Students

  • Be punctual and attentive in the class
  • Don't feel shy to ask questions because it is also help others to understand better
  • Always welcome to participate voluntarily in the class assignments<
  • Be come with fully equipped with tools, materials and mind
  • Think, it's career oriented profession so be professional