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We are facing the new challenges of Media (Digital Productions, Animation, Multimedia, and Interactive Communications) which are growing rapidly and creates new opportunities for professionals who are interested and moving towards to learn these mediums. The core objectives of the School are to provide professional approaches towards Digital Production and Multimedia Design. To achieving these goals one should go through the process of conceptual and technical skills along with creativity and innovation.

A one year track of courses designed to help students develop their portfolio for careers in Broadcast, Film, Multimedia, Architecture and Game Industries. These programs include a professionally-designed curriculum to fully prepare you for a career in the animation industry. We start with teaching you the foundational principle and finish by helping you assemble a;polished portfolio and demo reel

After electing our specialized Programs like Digital Production, Digital Design, Game Art & Design and Multimedia Arts, you develop a final project which showcases your achievements.

Our trainees will have full support, ideas and encouragement from experienced Mentors, visiting professors and professionals. Animators are required in various fields including movie production special effects, game creation, website design, interface design, motion graphics, flash programming, e-learning, product demos and so on. At the end of the training, a complete professional can walk out as well trained, with a bright career in their path.


DIGITAL PRODUCTION                      Specialized Diploma Program offering 4 MAJORS

Evening Program                      One Year Duration

DIGITAL DESIGN          &nbsp           ;Specialized Diploma Program Evening Program, One Year Duration

GAME ART & DESIGN Specialized Diploma Program                     Evening Program            One Year Duration

MUTIMEDIA ARTS Specialized Diploma Program            Evening Program            One Year Duration

Mix and match Advance Courses to meet your career goals. It's a track of specific courses offering different types as per student's aptitude and market needs. These advance courses are specially designed for those students who want to make their career in a specific field like Architectural Industry, Broadcast, Advertising agencies etc and want to command on a certain area in a short time period.

Students will find that classes and instructors are there to help them sharpen and strengthen their core art and design skills, as well as provide them with the advanced game design programming skills that will be needed upon graduation.

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN Advance Diploma Program


ARCHITECTURE VISUALIZATION with CAD                     Evening Program, 6Months Duration

ENTERTAINMENT DESIGN Advance Diploma Program

PRODUCT VISUALIZATION                     Evening Program, 6Months Duration
CHARACTER MODELING                     Evening Program, 6Months Duration
VISUAL EFFECTS                      Evening Program, 6Months Duration

Foundation is the basis or ground work of any thing, Fast Track courses concentrate the coursework of a traditional 14-week semester into a shorter period of time: 7, 6, 5, 4, or fewer weeks.;These Foundation Courses specially designed for students (Matric, F.A Students) who have no background for this field but wish to make career as Animator, Modeler, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, or Visual Artist. It's included the introduction for subject and complete guideline for taking further decision regarding this specific line. In these types of courses we can also judge the aptitude and learning level of student for taking further steps.


PRODUCT VISUALIZATION (3D)                      Evening Certificate Program, 4Months Duration
AUTO CAD            Evening Certificate Program, 4Months Duration
GRAPHIC DESIGN                      Evening Certificate Program, 4Months Duration
WEB DESIGN                      Evening Certificate Program, 4Months Duration
MOTION GRAPHIC/COMPOSITING           Evening Certificate Program, 4Months Duration

Lahore School of Animation has developed customized course for classes as small as one and as big as 15 people. These classes are 100% customized for you want to learn, at the pace you want to learn it and on your timeline.

Custom 3D Training sessions are ideal for individuals and small groups up to 4 people to learn quickly, address specific topics, solve problems on the fly, and create complete 3D models and animations while learning techniques. With the LSA Customized Training, the content of the course may be customized and tailored to suit your needs, skills, and special requirements. Training may be conducted on-site or at LSA School.


CUSTOMIZED TRAININGS                      Evening Certificate Program, 3Months Duration

Our Media Arts Workshops are structured for you to apply creative solutions across multiple platforms. These type of workshops specially arranged for all Art related persons. It's a great opportunity for students that they can meet professionals and get great exposure from their experiences. Prior registrations are compulsory. ;


DRAWING                      Evening Certificate Program, 1Months Duration
► DRAWING FOR ANIMATION            Evening Certificate Program, 1Months Duration
► SCULPTURE                      Evening Certificate Program, 1Months Duration
► STORYBOARD                      Evening Certificate Program, 1Months Duration
► MUSIC & SOUND FOR GAME PRODUCTION…                      Evening Certificate Program, 1Months Duration)