Success Stories


The progress of our student is the achievement of LSA; our 90% students are working at multiple renowned organizations in commercial field like:

Geo TV, Express News, Dunya TV, Anvista, Mindstrom, I Trango, etc

LSA Students have a history of getting their desirable jobs right out of school. LSA is proud to have successful alumni working all over the country.

After completing our one Year Programs student graduate with a Professional Demo reel and Portfolio, a demo reel is a collection of the work of a student or professional and is one of the most important items reviewed by employers.

With our 90% placement rate, these reels are helpful for students for getting their dream jobs right after graduating. See where some of our Alumni have gone at our "Success Story Page" (Coming Soon…..)


We have several inquiries from foreign countries and some of them are also studying in LSA hence we have very limited frame.


We proud to announce that now LSA has their own production house with the name of "IMAGE WORKS" where we are working with numerous National and International Projects with our own LSA students team.

In that case we are providing the best opportunity and professional plate form to our student to develop their skills under our consideration.


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sdfsaf Nestle Yogurt
sdfsaf Happilac Paints
sdfsaf Zee TV India
sdfsaf Mango Juice (On Progress…..)
sdfsaf Pakistan first Animated Video
(On Progress…..


 Lahore School of Animation proud to announce that we are going to start e-School; it is a modern technique of education. Study from Home and get the same contemporary education and experienced and qualified instructor as our on school.